Patrick Warner – Ever hear a love story in reverse?

Patrick Warner’s Double Talk is garnering some fantastic reviews! Take a gander and don’t miss out on the book launch, April 19th at the Ship (265 Duckworth Street) from 7:00 – 9:00pm. Ever hear a love story in reverse?

“As a novelist, Warner is a literalist and an astute one, and he parlays this gift into telling a really good story, populated by characters whose lives are, by turns, comic and tragic. From the start, as this story begins to tell itself, and these lives are revealed, the book becomes hard to put down. Warner packs a lot of life into a fast-read of 235 pages, something he’s able to do partly [because] of the alternating points of view from which the story is told – Brian’s, Violet’s, omniscient. In this often racy story which spares us little in the way of detail, Warner crafts a satisfying first novel – simultaneously funny and sad, and, at times, wrenching.” – Darrell Squires, the Western Star. 

Although the books opens, seemingly, at the end of the relationship, there’s still a tension and drive to the narrative, an evocative dynamic to the descriptions and settings, and a nimble and unflinching touch to the characterizations. It moves. It’s a page-turner.” – Joan Sullivan, the Telegram.

“Double Talk is more than a simple he-said/she-said account of a doomed marriage. It’s an exhilarating (and sometimes terrifying) look at the murky complexities that lie under the surface of all relationships.” Michael Crummey, author of Galore, River Thieves, and The Wreckage.

You can purchase a copy of Double Talk here.