NL Book Awards Shortlist Three Breakwater Titles

Three titles from Breakwater Books have been shortlisted for Newfoundland and Labrador Book Awards!

Sick Joke by Glenn Deir is a finalist for the Rogers Communication award for Non-Fiction.

“I heard the news while eating a tuna sandwich. That turned into the best-tasting tuna sandwich ever. I’m thrilled to the irradiated marrow.” – Glenn Deir

Island Maid by Rhonda Pelley and Sheilagh O’Leary is also a finalist for the Rogers Communication Award for Non-Fiction.

“I am so happy for all nominated and for the opportunity to further profile the incredible lives of our outport women.” – Sheilagh O’Leary

“It is really wonderful to have your work recognized especially by your peers. I hope that the nomination focuses even more attention on the book and on the remarkable stories of the women we met during that truly transformative journey we made twenty years ago.” – Rhonda Pelley

And Where Genesis Begins by Tom Dawe and Gerald Squires has been shortlisted for the E.J. Pratt Poetry Award.

“I am simply grateful to be a finalist in such distinguished company.” – Tom Dawe

These awards honour excellence in Newfoundland and Labrador writing, awarding cash prizes of $1,500 to the winners and a prize of $500 to each runner-up.

A free public reading featuring the shortlisted authors will take place at The Ship Pub in St. John’s at 7:30 PM on May 17, 2011. Winners will be announced on May 18, 2011.

Lots of Great Reviews for Glenn Deir’s “SICK JOKE: CANCER, JAPAN & BACK AGAIN”

Sick Joke
is one quirky travelogue. Glenn Deir spent two years happily stumbling through the conundrums of Japanese culture. Then he got tonsil cancer and less happily stumbled through the conundrums of medical culture. Sick Joke is a tale of two journeys told simultaneously that will make you laugh out loud.

“Writer and broadcaster Glenn Deir takes us on a personal health journey that begins — as many often do — with the discovery of a lump. Writing with brutal, laser-like honesty and rare humor, Deir takes us from Japan to Newfoundland to the famed Princess Margaret Hospital in Toronto, to that dark place where we’re forced to contemplate our mortality. And to that place where we surrender control of our bodies and make that leap of faith to trust our healers. This is ‘medicine, from Deir’s side of the gurney.’ If you’ve ever entertained a doubt that your doctors actually know what they’re doing, this is the book for you.”
-Dr. Brian Goldman, host of CBC’s White Coat, Black Art & author of The Night Shift (2010).

“Everyone who has ever battled cancer or known someone who has should read Sick Joke.” You will finish it with a renewed respect for what the human spirit can endure, and what a lust for life can get you through. Thanks, Glenn. Your book just might save somebody’s life.”
-Pam Frampton, The Telegram

“The book is funny – often hilariously so – because of Deir’s readiness to laugh at himself. But Deir is no clown; his voice is dignified, and comes across as true.”
-Darrell Squires, The Western Star

“As a funny, honest memoir about cancer, this book is really good… There aren’t enough funny books about cancer, and this is a good one.”
-Trudy Morgan-Cole, Compulsive Overreader

Sick Joke is [Deir’s] humourous – sometimes hilarious – account of his fight against cancer. In this memoir he shares the details of his battle in a commendable, vulnerably comical – p’raps witty is a better word – fashion.”
-Harold Walters, Southern Gazette